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Chicago Appleseed promotes social justice and government effectiveness by identifying injustice in our community, investigating its causes and proposing effective solutions.

Law Professor Dan Coyne Named Independent Reviewer of Burge Torture ClaimsOn May 6, the Chicago City Council, after years of pressure by community organizations, passed the Budget Reparations Ordinance, a $5.5 million fund to make financial amends to black Chicagoans systematically tortured by former Chicago Police Commander John Burge and his officers between 1972 and 1991. On June 21, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials organization selected [more]
Police Accountability ForumThanks to everyone who attended the Police Accountability Forum CLE, co-hosted by the American Constitution Society on June 16th. As a follow-up to the forum, we present this editorial from the Civil Liberties Committee of the Chicago Council of Lawyers, our partner in the Collaboration for Justice.   The Chicago Police Department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs Does Not Report Data That Would [more]
Drug Field Testing Bill Passes  Last week, HB0356, a bill establishing a pilot drug field-testing program for the city of Chicago passed both houses of the Illinois legislature. The bill, chiefly sponsored by Representative Zalewski in the House and Senator Harmon in the Senate, was developed in collaboration with Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice, the Community Renewal Society and Reclaim Campaign, and the Cook State's Attorney's [more]
How Digital Recorders Will Improve Access to JusticeLike other courts across the nation, Cook County is seeing increasing numbers of self-represented parties in the courts. At the same time that litigants are finding it harder to pay for legal services, Cook County has a projected budget deficit of $152 million for 2014, which has resulted in a reduction in the number of court reporters provided in Cook [more]
The Daily Law Bulletin Covers Judicial Elections in their Law Day IssueThe Chicago Daily Law Bulletin examined the issue of money in judicial elections in their annual Law Day issue last Sunday, April 26th. Staff Attorney Elizabeth Monkus was among the people interviewed for the article, which was framed around the Williams-Yulee case, which was still pending in the Supreme Court at the time of the article. The case was decided [more]
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Supporting Field Testing Bill  Today the Chicago Sun-Times issued an editorial in support of the Field Drug Testing Pilot Bill that Chicago Appleseed was instrumental in developing. The editorial can be found here and previous entries on our blog describing the issue can be found here.  The current version of the bill HB356, has passed the Illinois House and is  currently in the Senate. [more]